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Fire sprinkler systems provide superior coverage for all types of buildings, from commercial to residential. Most people understand them to be systems of pipes that spray water down into a room in the event of a fire. Modern fire sprinkler systems are designed and engineered by highly trained individuals, using the latest techniques and programs for fire prevention and suppression.

Designing and engineering a proper sprinkler system requires using the right system for the right application. There are several different types of fire sprinkler systems that can be used. Wet sprinkler systems are the most common but are subject to freezing in colder climates. Dry systems are used for area where the heat cannot be maintained above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Anti-freeze system use to be used for this purpose as well, but on in a commercial application. Deluge and pre-action systems are commonly used to protect commercial and industrial applications that have greater risks assed to them.

Every fire sprinkler system that is installed today is fully integrated with a sprinkler monitoring panel, or a fire alarm panel, to protect building occupants, and the property itself from any potential fires.

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Commercial Fire Protection Services

Fire is one of the greatest threats to your commercial property, equipment, inventory, and employees. 7 Hills Fire Protection Co., Inc. team of experts has a wide range of experience performing full commercial fire protection services throughout Georgia and Alabama Through exceptional performance by every member of our construction team, we aim to establish lasting relationships with our customers. All of our new projects and services are fully compliant with NFPA as well as state and local jurisdictions.

Design and Installation

The installation of every individual commercial fire suppression system requires a complete understanding of your objectives. From the onset, our construction team will work closely with both you and the appropriate fire officials to confirm that the final design is aligned with your objectives and insurance requirements, as well as the latest national, state, and local fire codes and specifications.

Maintenance and Inspection

There are many ways in which commercial fire protection systems can fail. Depleted pressure, city feed issues, frozen or sticky valves—that’s just a small handful of complications that could cause your system to fail. With regular maintenance services from 7HFP, these issues and more will be remedied before they ever become problems.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Services

Home fire sprinkler systems can be a life-saving investment for your home. There are many myths about residential fire protection systems that often prevent people from including them when designing their new home or retrofitting an existing home. These misconceptions include fears of a perpetually misfiring sprinkler head and a single room fire that activates the sprinkler heads in the entire house. In reality, misfiring sprinkler heads are exceedingly rare and residential fire protection sprinkler systems have come a long way and are fully capable of only activating the sprinkler heads that are directly affected by a fire. 7 Hills Fire Protection Co., Inc. offers full modern fire protection services for your home fire sprinkler system. This includes:


7 Hills Fire Protection Co., Inc. offers custom design for residential fire sprinkler systems. We design around properties serviced by wells or by properties serviced by various cities and/or water companies. Sometimes we find ourselves saving the owner/builder money with the different design approaches.


When it comes to residential fire protection sprinkler systems, every home has a different set of needs. The team at 7 Hills Fire Protection Co., Inc. has extensive experience with the installation of wet fire sprinkler systems.


Keep your family safe with home fire sprinkler system maintenance services from 7HFP. The best home fire sprinkler systems are useless if they aren’t maintained properly. Our team has the experience required to detect any issue that could negatively impact your system’s performance.


7 Hills Fire Protection Co., Inc. offers full home sprinkler system repair services that will get your system up and running again. Don’t put off repairing your sprinkler system—a fire won’t wait until it’s convenient for you. We’re here for you 24/7 in the case of an emergency. Just call or contact us to see how we can help!