Backflow Testing and Repair

What is a backflow? A backflow preventer is high hazard prevention device. More simply put, it prevents toxins from one part of a water system from flowing into the fresh water supply line and endangering public health. As an example: chlorine or e coli bacteria from a pool getting into the water supply and contaminating drinking water.

The reason water lines need to be tested is because each state (and some municipalities) has certain plumbing codes and standards they uphold to keep the local fresh water supply safe from contamination. Most have strict codes to make sure each backflow preventer device is working properly. That is where 7HFP come in. If you have a backflow device at your home or business, you will receive a letter stating that your device needs to be tested periodically.

7HFP is licensed to test your backflow preventer devices and ensure they are preventing cross contamination and your potable water supply is safe. Just call 7HFP and one of our licensed backflow specialists will come out and test your backflow. If there is a problem they can fix it right away and they will provide you with a written cost estimate for any repairs that need to be made. If everything is working properly 7HFP will forward your test results to the appropriate city officials to let them know you’ve complied with backflow inspection requirements and your system is safe.