Fire Pumps

Fire Pump installation and replacement
Fire pumps are necessary any time a water supply is not capable of providing the pressure required by the sprinkler system design. Occasionally, there is insufficient city supply or no water supply and the pump must be supplied from a ground storage tank or other static source.

7HFP has designed, installed, and maintained pumps across the southeast in accordance with NFPA 20, the standard for Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection.

We are regularly involved in the following types of electric and diesel motor driven fire pump assembly installations:

  • Split Case Horizontal
  • Split Case Vertical
  • Vertical In-Line
  • Vertical Turbine
  • Packaged Skid Mounted

Each pump installation is different and our staff works to find the best solution to any client’s fire pump needs.

The Importance of Fire Pump Maintenance
The fire pump in your building’s fire-suppression equipment is one of the most critical parts of your sprinkler assembly because it determines the force and volume of the water. Consider it the “heart” of the building’s system, in the same way your heart is the center of your body’s circulatory system. That’s why fire pump testing is a critical part of maintaining your structure’s sprinkler system.

As with anything that needs to be exercised regularly—think about a car that sits dormant, or the water pipes in a vacant home, and yes, your heart—the pump for your fire-suppression system needs to run to make sure it’s in fighting shape. It’s especially important to monitor the health of the working pump in an older structure, or one that feeds from a decades-old municipal water supply (or private water tank). NFPA statistics show that sprinklers failed or weren’t effective for a variety of reasons, including because the system shut off, water couldn’t reach the fire, there wasn’t enough water discharged, components were damaged and because the system wasn’t maintained properly. Proper care and regular fire pump maintenance help to avoid all these issues.