Underground Fire Line Repairs and Installs

7 Hills Fire Protection installs all types of firelines. A Fireline can also be referred to as a Fire Line, or UMFL (UnMetered FireLine). In certain situations, there are also metered fire lines, combination water lines (domestic and fire) – which service fire sprinkler systems. In most jurisdictions – there is both a public and private component to commercial fireline installation. Additionally – each jurisdiction or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) has its own processes, definitions, and procedures for permitting, installing, and inspecting firelines. Resulting from our breadth of offering and broadly qualified staff – we have the ability to expertly install any/all of the various configurations.

Our underground fire line installation services include:

  • Turnkey Installation including all excavation backfill, TS&V, and Service Line installation
  • Permitting Service
  • Testing and Inspection

A properly installed underground fire line is critical to the proper operation of your Automatic Fire Sprinkler System. Many of these installations include Post Indicator valves also known as PIV’s and remote installed Fire Department connections also referred as FDC.

Let the professionals at 7HFP help you with the installation of your Fire line along with any repairs you might need on your existing underground fire line.